Teacher Education Videos - Classroom Demonstrations of Techniques and Strategies for Pre-service Elementary Teachers

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 Teaching Math as a Social Activity

Five-Year Olds and Project Based Learning

Teach Like a Champion - Getting Everyone's Attention

Teach Like a Champion - Cold Call Technique

Classroom Management During Centers

Common Core Math Standards


More Links to Offsite Education Videos 

Social Studies in Action Teaching Practices Library - Teachers in K-12 classrooms across the country exploring social studies.
Teaching Students to Evaluate Research Sources - School Improvement Network
Learning Centers Example - 4th grade kids working independently - teacher facilitating social studies, math, virtual worlds, grammar
Teaching Channel.Org - video examples by teachers - differentiation, assessment, behavior, attention
Videos by Subject and grade level at Edutopia - classroom management, language arts, fine arts, math, science, social studies
Learning Science Through Inquiry - Workshop: inquiry teaching and learning with real teachers and students in real classrooms.
Case Studies in Science Education - Each case follows a single teacher over the course of a year and is divided into three modules.

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