Learning With Projects
  Project Based Learning in a Global Classroom is about as close as a student can get to the real world - while being in school all day!  Keeping a project atmosphere alive in the classroom means that students stay open-minded about assignments and discussions, recognizing that everyone in the room knows something about something, and nobody knows everything about everything - even the teacher! Hmmm so that means that the knowledge is distributed among all of us! Students' great ideas often reshape our whole lesson plans!  Kids use their thinking skills and communicate, plan, problem solve, create, and evaluate. 

Here are some adventures, projects, and partners my classes have played with. (See Stuart Brown on TED for more on play.) (Don't forget Lev Vygotsky and his observations of kids' intellectual levels rising while immersed in play).  


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The Hardest Academic Game on the Internet

Starts Feb 2020
Kidlink Landmark Games

Global Monster Project
Project starts Oct 2019

Journey North:
Monarchs to Mexico!

Citizen Science 

Internet Chess
Challenging the World

Woodlands Project

Flat Connections Global

Project Budburst

Trip to Taiwan 2004

"The trip of a life time"

Trip to Taiwan
Short Videos on YouTube

Taiwan Learning

World Problems Project  


Sagamihara City Friends
Kanagawa, Japan

United Kingdom

St. Oswald's Primary
Burneside, England

Our St.Oswald's Photos
Mr. Smith's Visit

Kwazulu Natal

South Africa


Discovery Centre School
Karachi, Pakista

Using the XO - OLPC

Sancta Maria - Uganda 
Our Info Page & Video


VA   Academy

Video Conferences

Project Wiki Pages

1001 Tales to the Alien King 
Flat World Writing Project
2009 | 2008 | 2007 archived


The KHQA TV crew came to class to talk to us about our upcoming journey to 
Taipei for the International Summer Camp at Kang Chiao Bilingual School.

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