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Top Voted Monster of 2018: Giganticorous Billy Bob Taco 
Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade - Franconia, NH
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Global Monster Project
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2018 Project Focus

Our Monster uses STEM to meet the SDGs.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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     The chart below will fill as schools choose their parts to design and describe.


Hello from your host at Monster Central, Dr. Terry Smith. I'm a cohort leader with the National Geographic Educator Certification Program and a teacher educator. My higher ed experience is with Radford University, Western Illinois University, Antioch University, and the University of Saint Francis. Before higher ed, I was an elementary teacher for 14 years, concentrating on project-based learning, science in the outdoors, technology, and global awareness. I even took my 4th graders to Taiwan, twice!  

What is this Project?  
Primary classes from the USA and around the world collaborate in this K-6 project. After requesting a Monster part (one part per school) from the list below, each school submits a 12-20 word description. When all descriptions are completed on the chart below, each class builds its own MONSTER using everyone's descriptions. Collaboration across grade levels: we often have cross-grade buddy teams, for example, K and 4 working together.

Students discover that
designing and building a monster together is a challenging task. It is a major lesson in working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. For example, the student responsible for the head has to plan with the students making the eyes, nose, neck, mouth, ears and hair. Students have deliberate practice in collaboration while constructing their class MONSTER. The result is satisfying proof that a community of global kids can accomplish anything!!  Additionally, students are asked to state how their monster would use STEM and the Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place.

Standards? We address many academic areas - please see the Learning & Technology link for examples.

How Do I Sign Up My Class? (Sign up early to make sure you get a part!)
Your Class has joined and reserved a place in the project when the teacher (1) Requests a Monster part AND (2) Sends the class photo and school/class information. This needs to be done when you join the project in order to get you on the Participants Page and to secure your Monster part. Email to join -
See the Step by Step Timeline of Directions.


"I am beautiful!"

Sample descriptions

HEAD: circular, black, red dots,  blue triangles, 
diameter 18 inches

Please use 12-20 expressive, creepy, cool, adjectives. Be sure to give size, shape, and color!
Cm or Inches?

Greetings from Pakistan -------- And to Pakistan! Serious Monster Makers!



Kids at Work

a Critical Thinking Monster game

See Example Descriptions from a Past Project]

TIP: To build the Monster, print the parts list, cut out each part, and 
assign to a student or group of students to construct. 

  Use No More than 12-20 words in the Description
Parts are being added so Refresh your browser often!  

1. Head - Teachers Combs & Krupa -  1st/3rd grades. Northside Catholic Academy. Chicago, IL. - 3D shaped head with smooth metal skin. Silver shiny metal color all over with rainbow freckles. Big Brain inside!

2. Eyes - Ms. Hechler's 6th grades (Innovation Lab), Western CUSD 12, Kinderhook, IL.- Oval, shiny, piercing, veiny, red-blue, Right: diameter 4 in ,Left: diameter 7 in. Pupils: triangular, lime green, sparkly, bulging , Right Pupil-diameter 2 in, Left pupil- diameter 4 in.

3. Ears - Miss Gray & Mr. Hull Year 2. St Joachim’s Primary, Brisbane, Australia. -- Four, 50cm long, 20cm wide, ears attached to sides of head, hairy, green and gold stripes, pointy at the top and round, fat and bulging at the bottom.

4. Earrings -  Kathy Moody and the K-5 Students at Mission View Elementary in Wenatchee, Washington. - Ginormous with smooth, hot gold circle, triangle and diamond shapes; containing dangly, bumpy, blue, green, glitter, eraser; shiny googly eyes.

5. Mouth - Kristian Englert, Teacher/Librarian. Bellevue Elementary. Syracuse, New York. - 50 cm long by 25 cm wide, located on the forehead, lips made of a zipper, slime or blood oozing from zipper.

6. Eyebrows  - Agnieszka Tokarczuk(7c), Anna Szymanowska(6a) & Joanna Mazurczak(4c) at Janusz Kusociński Primary School no 71, Poznań, Poland. rainbow-coloured, fiery in some places, very long and wavy, thick, bushy and fluffy, glittery, scary, with tassels at both ends.

7. Teeth - Jacoby, Bialko, Latz, & Byrd 4th grades - Cathedral of St. Raymond. Joliet, IL. 8 total (3 in. long, 2 in. wide) - bloody - golden tooth - bottom crooked - holey one - one sharp- one black- one braces.

8. Nose - Ms. L. Diessel, Grade 6/7 - St. Charles Catholic School, located in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. - Three-dimensional pig nose, 15 cm diameter X 10 cm length. Three nostrils. Green slime in one nostril, fire in another. Five pimples.

9. Nose ring - Lori Towle’s mixed grades class. Odyssey Day School. Wakefield, MA - Circular with 5 inch diameter, smooth green; spotted with yellow polka dots that have 3 inch circumference.

10. Tongue - Suzanne Roach, Grades 1st/2nd/3rd. L’Albero della Scuola - The Cherry Tree School- Pordenone, ITALY. - Length 52cm (20 1/2");Width Back of Tongue- 22cm (9"); Front of Tongue- 7cm (2 1/2"), long big pink cone, Taste buds: salty(gray), sour(yellow), sweet(green)   , bitter(orange).

11. Hair - Mrs. Schoenherr & Mrs. Raupp 3rd grades. River Trail School. Gurnee, IL. - 9 purple snake spikes, 10 cm wide, 50 cm long. 7 red diamond eyeballs on each snake.

12. Horns -  Wlasuk, Suasin, and Shaw 3rd grades. Windsong Heights School, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. - three spiky, shiny fire-spitting horns. 2 curved on one side of the face are blue w/yellow polka dots. On the other side of the face 1 sparkly unicorn horn black w/purple swirls, 15 cm base diameter, 60 cm long.

13. Neck - Tracy McIntyre's 3rd grades. Queens Creek Elementary. Swansboro, North Carolina. - Oval shape, blue, 18 x 9 ", 3 six-inch yellow rhombuses in the middle, green spikes on the edge of the oval.

14. Necklace - Tatjana Stefanac’s Primary class. Sremska  Mitrovica, Serbia. - spiky, shiny, red, blue, white, wavy, long, evil, ten circles with pearls, 10 squares.

15. Body - Shelly Sherman, grades 2, 3 & 4. Blue Mountain School Floyd, Virginia. - 1 meter x 10 decimeters, square, gold and silver striped with 8 visible rainbow abs with spiders on them, weird, scary and hairy.

16. Belt - Lyudmila Goubeva's 5th grade. Lyceum 1, Kansk, Russia. - orange, thorny with creepy worms and bugs, a black buckle in the form of spider in the middle.

17. Belly button - Ms. Superty’s 4th/5th grade & along with Ms. Guyot, Ms. Colaizzi, and Ms. Schurbon.  Wilmore Davis Elementary. Wheat Ridge, Colorado. - 1/2 inch deep, 8 cm long, orange, circular, hairy eyeball shape, bloody, moldy, scabbed, pierced, sticky, Oozing slobber/snot, green lint, scaly, blue creepy face peering out.

18. Arms - Mrs. Kazulak &  Mrs. Hedemann, 1st and 2nd grades. Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center in Youngstown New York.- 3 bright green arms that are 3 feet long, cylinder shaped with lots of black hair on them and are flexible.  

19. Legs - Michael Middleton's 6th grades. Centralia, IL. - 4 legs one pink-one purple-one-blue-one red. They will be 31/2 feet long and be accordion style.

20. Hands & fingers - Ms. Mojica & Ms. Ladilas 5th grade science/social studies. St. Barnabas School, Chicago, IL. - 4 hands (2 on each arm) 8 in. neon purple/blue, round/curvy, veins, mosquito bites, and black bumps. 
Fingers: 5 fingers 1 thumb on each hand, gold, warts, hot dog shape, 4in. long, 2 in. wide.

21. Pinky ring - optional 22. Finger nails - Ms. Kinga Jarzębak & Ms. Ewelina Derych. Primary School in Nowy Sącz, Poland.- Left hand: 4 aluminium, 7cm long, oval, crooked, blue with wave pattern & blue glitter right hand: 6 triangular ,sandy ,4cm long.
23. Left knee -  Sally LaPorte’s Tinkerlab group, 4th/5th graders.  Schulte Elementary. Sturdevant, Wisconsin. --- Tall oval, 5 x 10 inches. Horizontal stripe pattern in blue, green and hot pink. 24. Right knee - Anastasia Chinenova's class 11-12 yr olds. Vector Language School. Zaprudnya, Russia. - Purple and red, hairy, covered with slime, with nasty pimples on it, dirty, sweaty, knobbly, vile, wounded, wrinkled.
25. Feet - Sarah Brakenbury 4th grade. Silas Willard Elementary. Galesburg, IL. Each foot is 13”x4” with multicolored Hobbitish hair and sparkly toes. 26. Toes-toenails - Leslie Levesque’s class. The Phoenix School. Salem, Massachusetts. Toenails - 10” Scaly, wavy, googly, gems, chalky, hairy. Toes - 12.5” long, 3” wide at the beginning. Gnarly, slimy, prickly, blue tentacles with suction cups.
27. Tail -  Faye Hanson's grade 6. Pulaski Heights Middle School, Little Rock, Arkansas. - 1.5 m long, 10cm diameter, orange fur, blue striped bony plates, bright green fuzzy wires, bloodshot eye on tip. 28. Wings -  Mr. Fergusons's  4th grade - Lafayette Regional School, Franconia, New Hampshire. -- large, leathery dragon wings with snake heads coming out at each point of the wing, bright neon colors in a tie dye pattern.
29.  Left Elbow -  Michelle Huseman's 4th grade. Eugene Field Elementary. Hannibal, Missouri.- Red square-shaped, your state or country flag in the middle. Square is 20cm x 20cm. 30. Right Elbow - Magoline Middleton, 5th Grade, Bluffs Grade School, Bluffs, IL, USA. - Blue, bent 90 degrees, 1 foot long and 5 inches thick, covered in shiny purple slime.
31. Passport  - Scott Miles and the multi-age learners at Project Favela. Tabajara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. - 1 meter height and 1.5 meters width.  A creepy, shocking example of the problem of pollution. An ominous creature of the sea covered in a wild variety of trash that washes up on the beaches of Copacabana. 32. Driver license - Shannon Lee's 5/6 grades. Pierson School. Pierson, Manitoba, Canada.- Size: 1 Metre x .5 Metre. Include: Age, name, gender, eye/Hair color, height, weight, country issued, Date of birth.
33. Cookbook -  Helena Curtis' 2nd grade. Majestic Way Elementary, San Jose, California. The cookbook should be rectangular, strikingly green, and big enough for the monster to be able to read the recipes. (Add your own monster recipes!). 34. Ruler - optional

35. Skateboard  - Agustina Arenzana’s class. Aprenderes School, Tandil City, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. - banana-shaped with two turbos. 1,20 m long. Black surface with yellow stars. Multicolor wheels of 20 cm in diameter.

36. Pet Snake - Lauren Whitson's 2nd grade. Valdese Elementary. Valdese, NC. - 6 feet long, dark green body, black stripes, black eyes with a red slit in the middle, two heads.

37. Surfboard - Teachers Morgan (1st), Moore (3rd) & McGowen (4th).  Three Oaks Elementary. Virginia Beach, VA. -- 5ft. long, hairy edges, left side red with shark bite, right side black, bloodshot eyeball in the middle, leash attached. 38. Pet Bat - Katherine Mangum's 5th grade. St. Catherine's School. Richmond, Virginia. - blue with neon orange dots, 60 cm wingspan, pointy wings, yellow eyes, 3 purple fangs, pink bowtie
39. Microscope - Misión México - could not participate this year. 40. Cane - Mrs. Hoff, Innovation STEM Academy. Sparta, Wisconsin.  7 foot tall, 3 inch wide black and white striped aquatic snack with two yellow eyes wrapped around the cane.
41. Toothbrush - Sara Stoolman. Grade 6, Yangon International School (YIS), Yangon, Myanmar.- 5ft long with 24 caret gold handle dripping with blood and spiked, vampire teeth as bristles dripping with green slime. 42. Favorite Book - Kristy Ardinger, Countryside Elementary School. Edina, Minnesota. - 12in x 24in  rectangular shaped.  Jagged edges, royal blue cover with water creatures on the cover titled Where the Water Things Are by J.K. Robot.
43. Cup of Tea - Kamal Preet, 6th grade. DPS School, Bangladore, India. - 15 - 20 cm deep & 10 - 20 cm diameter, white w/black skull pattern, golden rim, seven 3cm blood-red spiders with googly eyes creeping out, country flag 5cm long & 7cm wide as tea label. 44. Xbox - Tina Fink 5th Grade. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, LA. - Controller: purple bone-shaped, 1/4 size of the Xbox, on-off button is a spider, joy sticks are 1in mushrooms, other buttons 1in. pumpkins; Xbox: 10 cm H by 31 cm. W by 46 cm. L. hanging chains on sides covered with spiders and eyeballs. Skull Trouper on top center; Four 3-towed Zombie feet as a stand.
45. Smart phone - Mrs. Dennison & Mrs. Barboni’s 5th grade. Solvay Central School District. Lakeland, New York. -- 24” x 15” , black as night, cracked screen, spider home button, gooey booger slimy feeling screensaver, blobfish app, fish skull app, poison apple app, & Save our Planet app. 46. Drone - Meagan Pennington's 5th grade. New Berlin Elementary. New Berlin, IL - circular, 12 inches, camera, 5 inches, red and blue camouflage, 4 propellers, parachute, wheels, arms, jet engine and claw

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Link to Past Monster Project Name Lists

Kids will review the criteria on the chart and vote for the Monster they think is the best fit!

Giganticorous Billy Bob Taco 
Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade - Franconia, NH


Student Choice of 2018

Past TOP Monsters
Giganticorous Billy Bob Taco (New Hampshire)
Mr. Bestname 2017 (Argentina)
Mr. Wotzizname 2016 (Burneside,England)    
Bobby Wasabi 2015 (New Jersey)
  Hogzilla Chuck Norris Duck Ape 2014 (Missouri)
  Quawawa 2013 (Illinois)
  Master Flykenstien2012 (New Hampshire)
  Fiesta Foo Foo Dragon Dude 2011 (New Hampshire)
  Tokoloshi-Afrika 2010 (South Africa)
  Wee Nit Wit 2009 (New Hampshire)

  Chucky 2008 (Connecticut) 
  Bilbatauri Nussa Chauri 2007 (Pakistan)
  Boo Hoo the Foo 2006 (Virginia)
  Bling Monster-G 2005 (England)
  Devil of Doom 2004 (New York)

Big Daddy 2003 (Missouri)
  Mean Green Star Machine 2002 (Texas)
  Cuckamunga 2001 (New York)
  Double-Decker-Bushmonster 2000 (S. Africa)
  Frankenspots 1999 (Texas)

Link to Past Monster Project Name Lists

Monster Names 2018


1. Dalinda - Sturdevant, WI


2. Rainbow Books - Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


3.  Dr. Nightmare - Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


4. Fire & Ice, Lightening &Shadow Spider Monster - Pordenone, Italy


5. Giganta - Gurnee, IL


6. Mr. & Mrs. OceanClean - Virginia Beach, VA


7. Mr. McGilly Filtrich - Edina, MN


8. Squidworth - Lakeland, NY


9. John Trashozauras - Nowy Sacz, Poland


10. Big Sammy - Valdese, NC


11. Sasquatch - San Jose, CA 


12. Dr. Paraprosdokian - Bangalore, India


13. Jeff Ocean - Wakefield, MA


14. Mr. Floppy - Kansk, Russia


15. J.R. Dope - Wheatridge, CO


16. Mr. Beverly-Mom - Chicago, IL


17. Monstro Monster - Wenatchee, WA


18. Franken-Piggy - Brisbane, Australia


19. So-and-So McGlitter Pig - Wheatridge, CO 


20. Charlie Greench - Tandil City, Buenos Aires, Argentina 


21. Astropatcher - Sremska Mitrovisa, Serbia


22. Betty STEM - Sparta, WI


23. L'il Pomegranate - Bradford, Ontario, Canada


24. His Rambunctious Highness, Sir Royal Rotten Rick - Manitoba, Canada


25. Frank Catcheese Jeff - Floyd, VA


26. Electro - Wheatridge, CO


27.  Mr. Pignose Spikeydactyl  - Lake Charles, LA


28. Yangon Gender Equalizer - Yangon, Myanmar


29. Spike - Kinderhook, IL


30. Giganticorous Billy Bob Taco - Franconia, NH


31. Trashy the Terror Monster from the Sea - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


32. Mrs. Yates of Planet Hipogriff Pablo - Little Rock, AR 


33. Durv the Great - Bluffs, IL 


34. Scrappy - Hannibal, MO


35.GRRRRtrude – Chicago, IL


36. Monstino – Richmond, VA 4
37. Skull Trooper- Joliet, IL 26
38. Oogabooga – Centralia, IL 4
39. Mariushka the Bubble She-Monster – Poznan, Poland 29

Write In Votes - Received after the Ballot Deadline

40. Craftaraptor - Salem, MA 2
41. Deadly Water Cleaner - Youngstown, NY 3



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