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Mrs. Banghart and Mrs. Baker's 4th grade classes at Valdese Elementary School in Valdese North Carolina,

Class Website:
Mrs. Baker's Skype address: christina.baker177   



Cheryl Davis' 4th Grade - Forrest W. Hunt Elementary - Forest City, North Carolina, United States
Our Blog: MrsDavis4thGrade/author/ c2f4119a-72e9-4ede-b820- 9519cb4d2462/

Mrs. Cody's 6th  and Mrs. Breheny's Kindergarten - St. Paul School - Macomb, IL


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Sue Halbert's 3H Crew - a Smilebox presentation of their Monster. J. Fithiam Tatem Elementary
Haddonfield, New Jersey - Blog



Happy Halloween by Lena

Help by Lauren

The Night by Max

Horror Movie by Andrew

Kerpoof Movies from Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Website is --  
Twitter and Skype id is: tdallen5. -- Email 




Ms. Lakhanpal's 3rd/4th grade - Queen Elizabeth School - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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