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Mr. Smith's 4th Grade 

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Monster Comedian for Hire

HA! HA! HA! My name is Teacher's Pet. I have six arms and seven legs. I am 1 day old but really good. I want to charge $10.00 an hour. I am a comedian. I am from Poopo Town. I would like to do programs at nutrition centers. Remember don't get grossed out. Call me at 1-800 dooky. - Candace

Monster Boxer needs Money!

My name is the punisher. I am a Monster boxer. I want you to hire me because I have six arms. I am really good at knocking out people and knocked out the goodest light weght boxer in the world. I will charge 900 dollars per punch and charge 1,000 dollars per peanut butter sandwich. I will box people (if they want), monsters, godzilla, gorillas, anacondas, and the abominable snowman. If you don't hire me, I will get you! I'm not kidding. - Andrew

Monster Vet!!

Vet to the rescue!!! Hi I am a Vet, my name is Teacher's Pet I eat animals that are fat and hairy. I do not like snakes. I charge 25$ an hour. Reach me at 123-444-55-5888. You should hire me because then you will not have to shave your animal or deal with it! - Tiara

Monster restaurant
Hi. I`m opening a restrauant. The food is...
Monster Pizza
Monster Halloween Cookies
Monster Spightti Meatballs
Monster special supper

That is my monster food. The drinks are...Pepsi, Monster Mountain Dew, Monster Root Beer, and Creepy Dr. Pepper.

If you want to eat call me at 079-0777-26109. Email - Shelby P.

Chess Games Wanted

Hi, my name is Chess Queen! I have 7 legs. I also have 6 arms. I need a person to challenge? Come on play the game. Why don't you get it over with your dream. If you don't come play, I will be with you night and day. I will also pay you $ 25.00 to play.

Knock, Knock,
Who's There?
Chess Queen
Chess Queen who?
Haaunt Youu!!!!!!!

 E-mail at: Haunt or phone number 555-haunt you!! Want To Play!!?? - Kylee

Monster Ball Player


My name is teacher's pet. I want to be a monster baseball player . I will charge $50.00 if I hit a home run. I am good because I have 6 arms and 7 legs. I have 4 eyes. I can really keep my eye on the ball!! -- Paul

Will Eat B & B

Hi! My name is bugger eater. I like brains and buggers.I am covered in snake oil and smell very bad. If you hire me i will eat kids brains and buggers. Call me at 248-248-248,BUGGERS-


Teacher Wanted

Monster Teacher! My name is Teacher's Pet . I am 1,000,000,000 years old, and I want to be a teacher. I will pay $10 every hour, and I want to be a teacher because I am good with kids and I have 4 eyes to see in 4 different directoins. I will teach monster, human, animal, and robot kids. You can reach me at 248 - TEACHME, and you can email me by going to Booye! -- Shelby T.

Monster Scientist!!!!

Lets discover Africa!!

Dear people I need help! I am a scientist and I like to go crazy with science. If you hire me you will never have to go back to the store if you hire me. I Can fix problems if you take advatage of what i do. I will also promise we will go discover Africa . We can see what kind of ingredents are in sick lions take. All the ingredents are in the tablet they take. So please hire me I am really good at science. I can fix things really fast because I have 6 arms that are 10 feet long. My first ingredents I made was with: blood, old bandeges, and crunchy teeth. It is called yummy crunchy old soup. If you want to hire you can reach me at 224-monster science or at scary monster

Please hire me now!!!!!

P.s I will charge $9.00 a week!! -- AajaLee

Monster Singer

Konichiwa , I'm going to be a singer. I will charge $10.00 for the whole family. I like to sing for any one. I'm the most famous singer Hannibal , MO ever had. You can reach me at 221- 500. I have 7 legs and I am 10 feet tall 8 inches. -- Mercedeez

Monster Basket Ball Player

My monster is going to charge $10 for 5 hours of basketball playing. I will be on your basketball team forever and win a championship for all of us. I will be the best and I am strong and big as well. - Morgan

Love to Eat Kids

My name is Teachers Pet . I have six arms and seven legs. I have fore eys and I love kides.You should hire me because i love to eat kides. I charge $10 a hour. To reach me call 759 0082 -- Autumn.

Rich Monster Wants to Help

Hi my name is Sandielaphantai and I am 15,550 years old . I weigh 50,555 pounds. I am best at anything that's why I'm richer than anybody else. I'll help you if I get $75.25 every year because I am faster than flash and dash and other fast heros. So if you want me just call 567-Rich or send a e-mail but go to www. and I'll be there in 0 seconds and you'll won't even hear me so just call or e-mail me and I'll be there bye-bye- Carlos

Bull Rider for Hire

I am a Monster bull rider. I will charge $1.12 dollars an hour to ride 5 bulls. I am 4 feet 6 inches. I have 6 arms, and 7 legs. You can call me at 597- 5982. I will travel to Texas to work. -- Leranie


Monster Baby Sitting

Monster baby sitting! I am a monster baby sitting business. My name is Teacher's Pet. I will not eat their heads off. If you want me to baby sit just give me a call at 773-4317. -- Patricia


Hello! My name is Check Mate. I am a chess king. No one can beat me. I have 6 arms. I have beaten the best in the world! I will play godzilla, the ubominal snow man, 2O children on a team, 1O adults on a team. I will charge 5 bucks when a piece is captured. If you hire me I will win every game! But, if you don't higher me I will charge you $1,OOO bucks. If you want to higher me call 555-POUND. Or e-mail me at www.I willpound Check mate!!!!!!! -- Travis

My Monster Restaurant

I'll serve GROSS GRUB! My name is Slider. If you want me to put on a show I will. I'll do anything just call 284-4081. You will have to pay me $50 every other week. You should come to my place becasue I'll have jokes, singers, and acts! Oh yeah, I'm a monster who likes to cook! -- Emily

My Restraurant

Hi I'm a cook. I serve food. I call it gross grub because the food looks werid. I serve eye balls, cat litter, and boogers on a stick. I'll charge you $10.00 every week. Call if you need a monster cook. Call 406-gross grub. Zei Jian. -- Chantyra

Monster Wants to be a Soldier

My name is Teachers pet and I am a soldier. I have 6 arms and 7 legs. I will charge you $12.50. If you want to talk to me call 1800-scream. If you want to log on to my website type in -Kody

Mechanical Monster

I am an Monster Mechanic I work on cars. I fix your car for 1000 dollers. If you want me to fix your car call me at 654-8268 Mechanic. you can go to www.Monster I will get to you by driving a Monster engine. - Alex

Dancing Monster

I`m a dancer I dance to hip-hop music. The song I dance to is Laffy,Taffy. You would have to pay me $ 10.00 a week. I can dance and my dance is so good your mouth would drop. I`m the best dancer yet. Call me at 222-Laffy Taffy.

Wanted - Monster Teacher Helper

A fourth grade teacher in Hannibal, Missouri is seeking help with a wild and crazy class. I need a monster with at least 6 arms for grading papers, 4 eyes to read so many student emails, and at least 7 legs for help on the playground with kickball. Horns and a tail would be nice also. If interested, call Mr. Smith at 573-Send-HELP.