Stories from the Creators of Bling Monster G
at St. Peter and Paul Primary in London, England
Ms. Boyd's Class



Long ago there lived a hairy and generous monster. Nobody liked him apart from a young girl who had no friends as well. One day the young girl decided to go and visit the monster however she found the cave that the monster lived in was empty.

She felt lonely and deserted so she decided to find out where he was. After she had left the cave she went home to prepare for the search party. Searching high and low, she began to feel restless however she would not give up. As the little girl was looking for the monster, she came across an atrocious old body. Then she noticed whose body it was. Trembling with fear, the little girl began to shout out "HELP HELP". Finally a person came to see what was happening, "What's wrong" the woman demanded. After the girl had told her what had happened they called for an ambulance immediately. Minutes later the ambulance arrived and they put the dead monster into the ambulance. The little girl decided to have a funeral for the monster. She invited everyone that she knew however no one came apart from a small girl who eventually became her best friend who never left her!!! EVER!!!

BY Christina and Monica


In the spacious, murky forest there was a pitch black, uneven path.

One of the slates on the path was invisible and some people used to descend through the hole!!!!!!!!! And never come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day an 11 year old boy, called Robert, ran away from his abusive family. He started lurking around the village, looking for something to eat and finding a place to sleep. Before he knew it he found himself in the suspicious, murky forest.

As you know in the murky forest there is an even path with an invisible slate. The boy unfortunately ran across the uneven path and fell down the hole.

Surprisingly, Robert noticed a spooky shadow!!!!! Then light shone and he glared at the vast beast. Then he knew there was no getting out so he hid in the nearest corner!!! He began to dig a hole to escape from the monsters home before he will become the beast's dinner. Happily he managed to escape and sprinted back to his abusive family.

The End
BY Monique & Sia Lorraine


Deep, deep into the wood, lived a vast repulsive creature. One day a miniscule group of friends decided to take a short cut through the woods to get home, although that meant walking part the spooky castle.

As they walked past, one dared another to go in. It was thought that the boy wouldn't go in but they had another thing coming!

"Knock knock". The door swung open! There was no reply, but a faint mumble of something that sounded like a MONSTER!!!!! But that didn't stop him from his mission. Although his stomach was churning he creeped up the stairs. The sound grew louder!

"Who is there?" exclaimed a voice. The boy peered round the corner. There is lay. A big fat slime green monster!!! The boy's heart was pounding. "Come in here. Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I've been meaning to get a friend. But no-one come here these days and besides no-one will like me. You didn't like me first did you?" "I'll be your friend.

BY Francesca P & Hannah S


Once upon a time, in a petite, humble cave, lived a fleshy, pudgy, inhumane, bulky, orb shaped and most repulsive creature living in the deep, deep forest. While the monster was savagely munching on his most scrumptious snot soup, an, extremely, handsome hunk was hunting for his brain!

The hunk was named Prince Hagrid, he was guided by his trusted stallion, Jammy Jamacan (he was a Jamaican horse). Prince Hagrid was searching for this inhumane monster in order to marry his beloved princess Shrek, who wanted a monsters brain for her birthday.

Prince Hagrid creeped silently up to the monsters enormous entrance of the humbled cave. He unsheathed his sword, unleashing the almighty wrath. Following the snotty sense, he barged in the small door and glared at the snotty faced monster. The monster glared back and wiped off all the snot dripping from his face. The monster grabbed his wooden mace and flung it at the Prince. Prince Hagrid dodged it and stabbed it into the monster heart, green liquid splurged out onto Prince Hagrids face. Aggressively he rubbed off the slime and tugged the repulsive sword out from the monster. The monster……was dead!

Hunk Hagrid cleaved the monsters brain, out of his fat face! Clutching it under his smelly armpit, he scampered away leaving Jammy Jamacan with the repulsive sight of the blood threatening corpse. Hunk Hagrid recurred back to his beloved princess Shrek. Princess Shrek shape shifted back to a pretty human…….THE END……

BY Indra & Charlotte