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Global Monster Project
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Fight the COVID-19 Virus and Meet the SDG Goals

Our Monster uses STEM to meet the SDGs.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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     The 2020 chart below will fill as schools choose their parts to design and describe.


Greetings Global Classrooms!
Hello from your project leader at Monster Central, Terry Smith. Here we go again. Just when we though we had Covid-19 beat, it comes back with the Delta Variant. I'm hoping many schools will still take advantage of the Monster Project again this year! I'm an online instructor and Mentor/Group leader with the National Geographic Educator Certification Program, also Kidlink Project Leader, and a past teacher educator. Besides fun with monsters my background includes university teaching at Radford University, Western Illinois University, Antioch University, and the University of St. Francis. Before the college kids,  I was an elementary teacher for 14 years, concentrating on project-based learning, citizen science, technology, and global awareness. I even took my 4th graders to Taiwan, twice!  

What is this Project?  
Primary classes from the USA and around the world collaborate in this K-6 project. After requesting a Monster part (one part per school) from the list below, each school submits a 12-20 word description. When all descriptions are completed on the chart below, each class builds its own MONSTER using everyone's descriptions. Collaboration across grade levels: we often have cross-grade buddy teams, for example, K and 4 working together.

Students discover that
designing and building a monster together is a challenging task. It is a major lesson in working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. For example, the student responsible for the head has to plan with the students making the eyes, nose, neck, mouth, ears and hair. Students have deliberate practice in collaboration while constructing their class MONSTER. The result is satisfying proof that a community of global kids can accomplish anything!!  Additionally, students are asked to state how their monster would use STEM and the Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place.

Standards? We address many academic areas - please see the Learning & Technology link for examples. It's easy to see how this project is firmly rooted in collaborative worldwide learning.

How Do I Sign Up My Class? (Sign up early to make sure you get a part!)
Your Class has joined and reserved a place in the project when the teacher (1) Requests a Monster part AND (2) Sends the class photo and school/class information. This needs to be done when you join the project in order to get you on the Participants Page and to secure your Monster part. Email to join -
See the Step by Step Timeline of Directions.


             "I am beautiful!"

Sample Description

HEAD: circular, black, red dots,  blue triangles, 
diameter 18 inches

Please use 12-20 expressive, creepy, cool, adjectives. Be sure to give size, shape, and color!
Cm or Inches?




Kids at Work

Critical Thinking Monster Game

See More Example Descriptions from a Past Project]

TIP: To build the Monster, copy & print the parts list, cut out each part, and 
assign to a student or group of students to construct. 

  Use 12-20 words in your Description
Parts are being added so Refresh your browser often! 

1. Head - Garret Ferguson's 4th grade. Lafayette Regional School. Franconia, NH. -- Cube with a triangular pyramid on top.  Triangular pyramid is navy blue, with yellow stars, a crescent moon, and planets. Cube is neon green front and back,  royal blue with rainbow stripes on the sides.

2. Eyes- Mrs. Branscum's fourth grade gifted and talented class. Oakdale Public School in Edmond, Oklahoma -- 3 total, shiny, smooth, squishy with white sclera- 1. circular (on top): on a spring, 8 inches diameter, iris=earth/pupil=moon, eyelid, 2 inches and 3 inches randomly placed spiky eyelashes - 2. oval (left): 8 inches height, 6 inches in width, pupil/iris- sun
3. football shape (right): 6 inches height, 8inches width, pupil/iris - galaxy

3. Ears & Earrings - Motolani Alex-Oni and Oyinlola Gaius. Grades 1-3. Ferncove School in Lagos, Nigeria. -- The monster ears should be shaped like a Ears: cone shaped, 6 inches wide, 6.3 centimeters long. The outer ear should be black while the inner ear should be red.
Earrings: two round yellow ear rings on both ears, 6 inches diameter.

4. Mouth & Lips - 4th grade of Mrs. Bialko, Mrs. Esquivel & Mrs. Latz Cathedral of St. Raymond School. Joliet, IL. -- 1 ft wide, top lip- purple with few scaly bumps and yellow stars. Bottom lip- teal, furry, with 1 hairy mole.

5. Eyebrows - Mrs. Higginbotham, Grade 4, Parkview Village Elementary High Point, NC -- Upside down V, fuzzy, vertically striped with alternating dark red and gold color

6. Teeth  - Ms. Combs & Ms. Cortesi 's 1st grades. Acero Brighton Park School. Chicago, IL - Sharp and shiny. 20 teeth total. 10 on top and 10 on the bottom in an AB size pattern: big, little, big, little, big, little...

7. Nose & Nose Ring - David Morrill, Grades K-5, Phoenix School. Salem, MA -- 2 foot long by 4 inches wide rainbow pig nose with a black shiny bull ring with one crystal.

8. Tongue - Mrs. Bolivar and Ms. Mojica's 3rd grade. Indian Knoll School, West Chicago, Illinois -- 5 red curled snake tongues
10 in. long 1 in. wide. slimy and with stitches.

9. Hair - Sandra Bakich, Grade 2/3. Glenbrook School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.--3 purple spikes with orange zig zag lines, red flames on spike tips, 4 triangles on spikes, pink curly hair.

10. Horns - Mrs. Stevens’ 4th grade gifted class. Shiloh Point Elementary  Cumming, Georgia. -- 2 horns, crescent moon shaped, 6 inches tall, 2 inches wide, navy blue with black stars, flaming red lava coming out of busted left horn.

11. Necklace - Alicia Nickel, Grade 3. Herons Crossing School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada -- The necklace is gold and spiky loops with a shiny silver pendant that has its name engraved in it.

12. Body - Melinda Baden's 4-6 grades. Clay County Schools. Green Cove Springs, FL. -- round, green, with pink dots, leaves, spiders in webs, and bones all over it.

13. Belt - Tatjana Stefanac (English), Vojislav Krstic (Art) 5th graders from Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia -- Dark green with a golden star as a bucklet. 3 cm wide.

14. Belly Button - Mikaela McNab's grade 3 from Herons Crossing School in Alberta Canada. -- 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It is orange with black fuzz in the middle.

15. Arms - Tatjana Stefanac (English), Vojislav Krstic (Art) 5th graders from Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia -- 4 long, dark green arms made of plastic hoses with stars on them.

16. Legs - Brenna Lebert, 5th grade. Our Lady Queen of Heaven school, Lake Charles, LA. -- 1-purple leg with black polka dots -- 1-red leg with wrinkles -- 1-blue leg with yellow stripes -- 1-green leg with smiley faces.

17. Hands & Fingers - Suzanne Roach. Grade 5. Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy - Eight hands: Sizes of a human - green, red, black, purple, yellow, white, orange, light blue. Forty-four fingers total: Some fire, webbed fingers, a few cut off, pointy fingernails

18. Feet - Suzanne Roach. Grade 3. Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy - Feet: Various sizes, red, brown, gold, pink, glitter, rainbows, stripes, pumpkin themed.

19. Toes & Toe NailsSuzanne Roach. Grade 4. Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy -- Toes: Blue, grey, squiggly, spikey, knobbly, red and black pointy toenails.

20. Tail - Lauren Knoke, Grade 2/3. Glenbrook School. Calgary, Alberta, Canada -- 4 tails (red, black, blue, pink), 30 cm long, 4 spikes, fire flames, 3 green eyes, 2 triangular, 1 oval, 1 circle.

21. Left Elbow - optional 22. Right Elbow - optional
23. Passport - Your Choice to describe! 24. Driver license Midge Nichelason, Lydia Dallas, Cheryl Babcock, Elena Dolz. Grades 2-5 (Coyote Kids). Carlos Rey Elementary School. Albuquerque, New Mexico -- Duckmobile License, metallic 3D spaceship, born today, likes bananas, from Duckland, Turtle above duck shaped window showing the Monster's Face.
25. Cookbook - Your Choice to describe! 26. Wings - Faye Hanson & Mattie Baker , 4-6 grade. Our Lady of Holy Souls School, Little Rock, AR. -- 4 wings, two are small-2’ wide and two are 4’ wide. The large pair bend frontwards. They are watery colors and have seaweed like streamers. There are 3” orange spikes across the top edges.
27. Pet Bat - Heidi Kazulak, 3rd grade - Section B - Lewiston Porter Intermediate Education Center. Youngstown, NY - Black, 18 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 24 inch wing span, 2 inch red eyes, 9 inch diameter head, two 2 inch long fangs wearing a purple bow tie. 28. Cup of Tea - Lisa Gervasi - 4th grade. Main Street School. Irvington, New York, USA -- a bowl shape, two handles- one on each side. The pattern on the cup is bright blue with orange speckled spots. 2 glowing yellow banana shaped eyes on the front center of the cup. The tea is orange flavored and orangish in color.
29.  Favorite Book - Maggie Day, Grade 3, Herons Crossing School Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. -- Fiction, Hardcover, 8 ˝ x 11 Title: A connection to the SDG you chose in bubble letters. Pictures on the front and back pertaining to the SDG. 30. Drone - Jami Kilty, Grade 2/3. Glenbrook School. Calgary, Alberta, Canada -- 20 cm wide / long, 6 propellers (green, pink, blue, orange, red, black), 5 cameras, drone and controller are white.
31. Toothbrush  - Mrs. Stevens’ 4th grade gifted class. Shiloh Point Elementary  Cumming, Georgia. -- star at the top with sharp pointy handle, 12 inches long, 5 inches wide, aqua blue, with a gradient of lava red at the bottom, soft bristles, short and long in a pattern, with minty toothpaste. 32. Smart Phone - Heidi Kazulak, 3rd grade- Section A - Lewiston Porter Intermediate Education Center. Youngstown, NY. - 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide, 3 inches deep, black, Rose gold home button and blue on/off button. with 12 apps, Roblox, Phone, Instagram, Safari, Twitter, Minecraft, Tictoc, Facebook, Camera, Settings, App Store, Subway Surfer.

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Link to Past Monster Project Name & Votes Lists

NOTICE: Students will vote for the top monster, the one they think best fits the descriptions in the big chart. 
 -See the 2021 Photo Gallery.

Student Evaluation of 2021
A TIE this Year!

Bob the Trashcan - TIE 2021  (Alberta, Canada)
#12 Whatchamacallit - TIE 2021 (New Hampshire)

Past TOP Monsters

In the 2020 Pandemic - we did not vote.
Ghostly McSpooky 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Giganticorous BillyBob Taco 2018 (New Hampshire)
Mr. Bestname 2017 (Argentina)
Mr. Wotzizname 2016 (Burneside,England)    
Bobby Wasabi 2015 (New Jersey)
  Hogzilla Chuck Norris Duck Ape 2014 (Missouri)
  Quawawa 2013 (Illinois)
  Master Flykenstien2012 (New Hampshire)
  Fiesta Foo Foo Dragon Dude 2011 (New Hampshire)
  Tokoloshi-Afrika 2010 (South Africa)
  Wee Nit Wit 2009 (New Hampshire)

  Chucky 2008 (Connecticut) 
  Bilbatauri Nussa Chauri 2007 (Pakistan)
  Boo Hoo the Foo 2006 (Virginia)
  Bling Monster-G 2005 (England)
  Devil of Doom 2004 (New York)

Big Daddy 2003 (Missouri)
  Mean Green Star Machine 2002 (Texas)
  Cuckamunga 2001 (New York)
  Double-Decker-Bushmonster 2000 (S. Africa)
  Frankenspots 1999 (Texas)

Link to Past Monster Project Name Lists

Pandemic Monsters for 2021


1. Demetreus Demarcus III (Ms. Lebert's 5th Grade) - Lake Charles, Louisiana


2. Mr. Among Us (Mrs. Kilty's grade 2/3) - Alberta, Canada 22
3. Rainbow Sparkle-Mane (Mrs. Bakich's grade 2/3) - Alberta, Canada


4. Bob the Trashcan (Mrs. Knoke's grade 2/3) - Alberta, Canada


5. GABE  (Midge Nichelason, Lydia Dallas, Cheryl Babcock, Elena Dolz. Gr 2-5) - Albuquerque, New Mexico


6. Zeddalumphasus (David Morrill, Grades K-5) - Salem, Massachusetts


7. Eco Force (Tatjana Stefanac & Vojislav Krstic. Gr 5) - Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia


8.Monster Harry (Ms. Mojica/Mrs. Bolivar. 3rd grade) - West Chicago, Illinois


9.Crazy-it (Suzanne Roach Gr 3-4-5) Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy


10. Bob! (Alicia Nickels' grade 3) - Alberta, Canada


11. Rainbow McFrizzletire (Mrs. Branscum's 4th grade) - Edmund, Oklahoma


12.Whatchamacallit (Mr. Ferguson's grade 4) - Franconia, New Hampshire 61
13.Brighton McMonster (Ms. Combs/Ms. Cortesi - 1st grades) - Chicago, Illinois 12
14.Aqua Bob (Faye Hanson/Mattie Baker 4-6 grade) - Little Rock, Arkansas 8
15.Chomper of the Oceans (Maggie Day's grade 3) - Alberta, Canada 41
16. Hallos (Motolani Alex-Oni/Oyinlola Gaius year 1-2) - Lagos, Nigeria 20
17.Bob Junior McNugget lll (Elizabeth Stevens, Gifted Program 4th) - Forsyth County Schools, Georgia 18
18.MC McDuffy (Ms. Baden’s Multi-grades class) - Green Cove Springs, Florida 8
19. Spikey Severine - (Lisa Gervasi's 4th grade) - Irvington, New York 10
20. Sally the Rare Educator (Heidi Kazulak, grade-3B) - Youngstown, New York 9
21. Bob the Mathematician Book Monster (Heidi Kazulak, grade-3A) - Youngstown, New York 4
22. Spike (Mrs. Bialko, Mrs. Esquivel & Mrs. Latz, 4th grade) - Joliet, Illinois 19
23. Coco (Mikaela Mcnab's grade 3) - Alberta, Canada  13



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