Why Use LIVE Video on the Internet?
Classroom-to-Classroom Learning 

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Students had opportunities several times per week to experiment with live video on the Internet.

ESL video - we had a non-English speaking student in class one year, so we connected with Spanish speakers in Los Angeles.

Ongoing Contacts: Mrs. Wain's class at Rowsley Primary in Derbyshire, England, and Mr. Greenberg's kids at Columbia Elementary in Bridgeport, CT  and Mrs. Black's 4th grade in Naches, Washington, and more.

This page will show you some of the exciting learning moments the kids shared  with students who were a VERY long way from Hannibal, Missouri.

Testing the camera focus



One World - Ready, Set, Skype is a collection of short interviews of project-based learning teachers to illustrate the significance of this engaging learning approach. (by Bob Greenberg)


This is a short group of clips showing some of the ways we use video.


Students chat with teacher Ms. Namata in Kampala, Uganda. We are using WizIQ for this session. The Ugandan kids are sending crafts that they made. We are getting two digital cameras to send to Uganda because their school is so poor. The teacher goes to an Internet cafe to communicate with us. 

Emily's video mail to Rowsley in England.

A quick call from the Rowsley students in England.



One of our regular video partners was  Mrs. Black's 4th grade class in Naches, WA. Over a 3-year period, we played with geography, math, music, sign language, storytelling.  Generally the kids had many opportunities to have conversations through a video camera, which proved super for developing their speaking and listening skills and their concept of having a presence on camera. Sessions were planned and impromptu,  some as short as 20 minutes, others as long as 90 minutes depending on the lesson plan.


One of the most challenging projects done in this 4th grade class was a video conference on Mark Twain with 4th grade students from Horseheads, New York. We presented information on the early years of Mark Twain's life on the river, while the Horseheads students discussed the later years, writing and publishing. We both had Mark Twain impersonators at our conferences! Preparation: research, writing, cue cards, practicing, then....actually presenting the whole thing! And the President of the school board came to the conference and participated!

Photos of the Horseheads, New York Video Conference



Here are some clips of the project, showing us collaborating with students in Horseheads, New York. After lots of research and study about Mark Twain and the connections to the Mississippi River and Hannibal, we presented our part of the story: the early days of Samuel Clemens.  Students in NY presented the later years of Samuel Clemens so that we assembled a complete picture of the life and times of a great American author.

Real time working with decomposing/expanding numbers, then multiplying
in a game called Multiplying Wrestling. -- Hannibal vs Naches! 

Students are replying to questions from Virginia. The topic was transportation on the Mississippi River - how it affected Hannibal long ago and today.

Connecting with Mrs. Black's class in Naches, Washington. Science with magnets was going on in Mrs. Black's class and her students were explaining the concept of a magnetic field.
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