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Global Monster Project 2014
Geo-Educators & Global Kids Working Together

 This project helps you meet new colleagues around the world while collaborating, sharing digital media, and using geographic resources.

See National Geographic Geo-Educators for ideas/resources to share with others during this project.


Join the Project and Collaborate on a Monster! 
Email: -

We are an ongoing Community. Many Educators have been 
in the project for over 10 years. New-comers are always Invited!

What is a geo-educator? If you are passionate about helping your students understand our interconnected world, then YOU are a geo-educator.

     The chart below will fill as classrooms choose their parts to design and describe.


What is This Project?
Hello from your host at Monster Central, Dr. Terry Smith, assistant professor in the School of Teacher Education & Leadership  at Radford University, Radford VA.

 Elementary classes from the United States and around the world collaborate in this standards based project. After choosing a Monster part, each class writes a description of that part. After all descriptions have been completed (and added to the chart below), each class builds its own
MONSTER using everyone's descriptions. Students discover that designing and building a monster together is a very big job. It is a major lesson in working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. For example, the student responsible for the head has to plan with the kids doing the eyes, nose, neck, mouth, ears and hair. Kids get deliberate practice in collaboration while constructing their class MONSTER. The result is satisfying proof that a community of kids can accomplish anything!! Elissa Gerzog began the project in the 1990's calling it Monsters Monsters Monsters using e-mail only. I began running the project in 2000 and modified it to a web-based interface, which has grown to include a variety of student-created media in writing, artwork, and video. In its current form, the project is known simply as the Global Monster Project

                      If this sounds like fun, send an email and join -


"I am beautiful!"

Sample descriptions

HEAD: circular, black, red dots,  blue triangles, 
diameter 18 inches

You may use from 12-20 expressive, creepy, cool, adjectives. Be sure to give size, shape, and color!
Cm or Inches!

Greetings from Pakistan -------- And to Pakistan! Serious Monster Makers!



Kids at Work

Sizwe's Message from 
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

a Critical Thinking Monster game


See Example Descriptions from a Past Project]
2014 Descriptions: Your Class Will Use this chart to build the Monster.
(Refresh this page often because I am updating as fast as I can. We'll add more parts as needed.)

1. ARMSMichelle Huseman's 4th grade, Eugene Field School, Hannibal, MO

2. TOES - Mr. Humble's Class 4, St. Oswald's CE primary School
Burneside, Cumbria, England

3. EYES Miss Cawthon's 4th grade, Francis Solanus School, Quincy, IL

4. EARS - Mrs. Jacoby/Mrs. Riordan 4th grade, Cathedral of St. Ray's School, Joliet, IL.

5. NECK - Christy Baker, NC

6. ELBOWS  - 

7. HEAD - Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade - Lafayette Regional School, Franconia,  NH

8. TAIL - Ms. Golubeva's 4th grade, Lyceum 1, Kansk, Russia.    

9. NOSE - Sue Halbert's 3rd Grade, J. Fithian Tatem Elementary, Haddonfield, NJ.

10. MOUTH-  Jessica Middleton/Jannet Odom 2nd grade - Majestic Way Elementary, San Jose, California

11. LEGS -   Lisa Lindeman/Pat Stork -6th grade, Babylon Memorial Grade School, Babylon, NY

12. TEETH - Georgette Nairn's 2nd grade, Hatcher Elementary  
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

13. BODY - Larissa Tarasevich grades 3 & 4 - Abanskaya school, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia.


15. FEET - Mrs. Wisnewski/Mr. Sackett 6th grades, Catalyst Charter School - Ripon, WI.

16. HAIR - Jennifer McFarland's 3rd grade, Erdenheim Elementary, Springfield Township, PA.

17. Left KNEE - Ms. Jessica Charvat , Grade: 4A -- Yangon International School, Pun Hlaing Campus

18. Right KNEE - Ms. Horton, Grade 4 B -- Yangon International School, Pun Hlaing Campus

19. BELLY BUTTON -  Mrs. Gibbons/Mrs. Federico, 4th grade Jaworek Elementary, Marlborogh, MA.

20. HORNS -  Jenny Wand's class, Miriam School, St. Louis, MO.

21. NECKLACE -   22. BELT - Lin-lin Tan, Sih-Wei Elementary, Kaohsiung,Taiwan 
23. WINGS - Mrs. Orton's 4th grade, Groveland Elementary, Blackfoot, Idaho. 24. HANDS -  Megan McCoy, Technology Coordinator, 3rd/4th grades, Holy Family Catholic School Bensenville, IL:  Right HandPurple with green spots, 12 inches wide, holes in his hand, eyeball on its hand, 5 stitches, top part of his hand is on fire, earring clipped on, very hairy --- Left HandLight blue & light pink stripes with dark blue polka dots, 1 foot wide, diamond shaped, blood on its hand, holding a pumpkin, purple ooze coming out of its hand. hairy, spikes
25. EARRINGS - 26. iWatch - 
27. TONGUE - Ms. Superty/Mr. Pullen 5th grade, Wilmore Davis Elementary, Wheat Ridge, Colorado Web 28. CELL PHONE Jennifer Verschoor, St. Mathew's College Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
29. iPAD -  30. XBOX - Ellen Rush's 4th grade, Gale Elementary School, Galesburg, IL

31. Skateboard  - 

32. SUSPENDERS - Mrs. Breheny's Kindergarten and Mrs. Cody's 6th grade, St. Paul School, Macomb, Illinois.

33. NOSE RING  - 34. Pet Bat - 
35.TOE NAILS- Ms. Chavez/Mrs. Brooke/Mrs. Garcia 3rd grades at Gard Elementary, Beardstown, IL 36. CANE - 
37. Google Glass  -  38. Favorite Book  - 

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Link to Past Monster Project Name Lists

Monster Names and Voting List

Frank says,
"What class will it be in 2013?

Top Monster
Quawawa 2013

Ellen Rush's 5th Grade
Galesburg, Illinois

Quawawa 2013 (Illinois)
Master Flykenstien2012 (New Hampshire)
Fiesta Foo Foo Dragon Dude 2011 (New Hampshire)
Tokoloshi-Afrika 2010 (South Africa)
Wee Nit Wit 2009 (New Hampshire)

Chucky 2008 (Connecticut) 
Bilbatauri Nussa Chauri 2007 (Pakistan)
Boo Hoo the Foo 2006 (Virginia)
Bling Monster-G 2005 (England)
Devil of Doom 2004 (New York)

Big Daddy 2003 (Missouri)
Mean Green Star Machine 2002 (Texas)
Cuckamunga 2001 (New York)
Double-Decker-Bushmonster 2000 (S. Africa)
Frankenspots 1999 (Texas)


Link to Past Monster Project Name Lists

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