Monster Work -- Active Learning
Construction Photos and Slideshows Contributed in past Monster
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Mrs. Duygu -  Ozbag Orcun Primary School - Kirsehir, Turkey



Mr. Smith - Eugene Field School - Hannibal, Missouri

Mr. Ferguson's Class at work on the TOP Monster for 2009!




Mrs. Tarasevich's Fine Monster Makers - Abanskaya Secondary School 3 - Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia


Miss Hope's Slideshow - at This link.

New Jersey

Mr. Greenberg's class ( constructing the Monster:


Mrs. Lowe's 4th grade, Oberthur Primary, Bull Creek, Australia




Mrs. Ragar's Artisans - Veterans Elementary - Hannibal, MO

Melissa Superty's 4th grade - Wilmore Davis Elem. Wheat Ridge, CO

Mrs. Herrin's 4th-5th Class, Hannibal, MO


Miss Huseman's 4th Grade at work, Hannibal, MO


Mr. Landrum's 3rd - Hannibal, MO

Mrs. Oleksy's 4th grade - Hannibal, MO

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