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Welcome to Monster Central!
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Top Monster 2013 
Mrs. Rush's 5th grade - Galesburg, Illinois

We are an ongoing Community. Many Educators have been 
in the project for over 10 years. New-comers are always Invited!

     The chart below will fill as classrooms choose their parts to design and describe.


What is this Project?

Elementary classes from the United States and around the world collaborate in this standards based project. After choosing a Monster part, each class writes a description of that part. After all descriptions have been completed, each class builds its own MONSTER using everyone's descriptions from the table below. Students discover that designing and building a monster together is a very big job. It is a major lesson in working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. For example, the student responsible for the head has to plan with the kids doing the eyes, nose, neck, mouth, ears and hair. Kids get deliberate practice in collaboration to construct their class MONSTER. The result is satisfying proof that a community of kids can accomplish anything!! Elissa Gerzog began the project in the 1990's calling it Monsters Monsters Monsters© using e-mail as the main interface. I began running the project in 2000 and modified it to a web-based interface, which has grown to include a variety of student-created media in writing, artwork, and video. In its current form, the project is known simply as the Global Monster Project

If this sounds like fun, please send an email and join - I am your host at Monster Central, 
Dr. Terry Smith, assistant professor in the School of teacher Education & Leadership  at Radford University.



"I am beautiful!"

Sample descriptions

HEAD: circular, black, red dots,  blue triangles, 
diameter 18 inches

You may use from 12-20 expressive, creepy, cool, adjectives. Be sure to give size, shape, and color!
Cm or Inches!

Greetings from Pakistan -------- And to Pakistan! Serious Monster Makers!



Kids at Work

Sizwe's Message from 
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

a Critical Thinking Monster game


See example descriptions from a previous project]
2013 Descriptions: Use this chart to build your Monster.      

1. ARMS - Lemont, IL, Ms. Gallico's 4th grade - River Valley Elementary - 4 arms, all square, 3ft by 1ft; one is red with black stripes, spikes coming out of the sides, bumpy; one is orange with purple and white polka dots, hairy and has feathers coming out of the side; one is blue and scaly with spikes coming out of the sides; the last arm is tie dye and slimy with feathers coming out of the side. 

2. TOES - Haddonfield, New Jersey, J. Fithian Tatem Elem. - Mrs. Halbert's 3rd grade.--3 toes (all 10 cm long): 1st toe: light green, triangular with dark green moss, 2nd toe: orange, tooth shaped with a black spider on it, 3rd toe: dark green oval with a dinosaur tattoo on it

3. EYES - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Delila Heinrichs 3rd grade, Prince Edward School. -- 5 eyes, firey orange, gooey, dangling, sphere, pupil made of fire, slimy, squishy, creepy, circumference of 6 inches

4. EARS - London, UK - Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School, Mitchum, Surrey - Gill Boyd's mixed age class -- 5 pairs of rectangular, flappy, greenish red, spiked, hairy, wax-oozing, multi-sized ears!

5. NECK - Kansk, Russia, Lyceum No. 1, Ms Golubeva's grade 4 -- Terrible, long (40 cm), fat, corrugated, orange wth red Adam's apple and ugly black warts with grey hair on them.

6. ELBOWS  - Marlborough, Massachusetts, Jaworek Elementary, Maureen Gibbons’ 4th Grade -- 4 circular elbows no larger than 10 cm in diameter, each one modeled after 4 of our solar system planets: Earth, Mars, Saturn, and bringing back...Pluto! 

7. HEAD - Galesburg, IL. Mrs. Rush's 5th grade - Gale Elementary - “Creeper Pumpkin" Shape, (height: 14 inches and circumference: 35 inches) spikes on stem, snakes coming out of the head, bat wings attached to sides, pimples, and hairy warts all over.  

8. TAIL - Valdese, NC, Valdese Elementary, 4th grade, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Banghart - 150 cm long, tiger striped with infected sores tapering into thorny, fire ball.

9. NOSE - Ottawa, Canada. St. Isidore, Nathalie Roy's 5th grade -- pointy -10cm long, Pink with 4 green warts, blue nose hair that form a mustache - 3 nostrils.

10. FINGERS - Catalyst Charter Middle School,  Ripon, Wisconsin, 6th grade, Sandy Wisneski -- Hairy, multi-colored, spotted, with long claws.

11. LEGS - Winnipeg, Canada, Stacy Matsumoto, Gr 1& 2, Bernie Wolfe Elementary -- Leg #1: slimly and slippery, 2 feet or 60.96 centimetres long, dark blue, long red cut with leaves growing out of the cut; Leg #2: 30 centimetres or 11.8 inches long, hairy, dark green with orange stripes, dripping with blood, mouse crawling up the leg;  Leg #3:
bumpy, pink with blue veins, purple polka dots, stitches,1 metre in length. 

12. TEETH - Quincy, IL. Ms. Cawthon's 4th graders- St. Francis Solanus School -- three circular rows, pointy - 3cm, two fangs, rainbow colored, holes, bloody.

13. BODY - Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, Erdenheim Elementary 4th grade, Miss Boles, Mrs. McFarland. -- circular in shape with neon colors (hot pink, lime, green, electric yellow and white). Large scar with stitches down the chest; purple ooze coming out the belly button and spikes and polka dots all around.   

14. EYEBROWS - Peta Tikva, Israel. Amir Elementary School. Vered Razon's Special Needs class. - This description is open to however your class would like to do the eyebrows.

15. FEET -  St. Louis, Missouri, Miriam School, Gr 6-7 - Mrs. Jenny Wand -- 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, bat shaped, bones sticking through skin, full of purple spider veins, and worms crawling on hairy, pumpkin shaped warts

16. HAIR -  Wheat Ridge, CO, Melissa Superty's 6th grade, Willmore Davis Elementary. -- Spikey, Mohawk, rainbow colored, .5 meter tall, dirty, bug infested, stiff, shiny in parts, mossy/moldy in others, shaved sides with spiders and spider webs, silver thorns.

17. KNEES -Diane Sloan's Class 2 from Rowsley CE Primary in Derbyshire, England  -- 20cm wide, round, pumpkin orange background, pink sticking out tongue left and right. tall black eyes, straight brown hair. 

18. MOUTH - San Jose, California, Jannet Odom's 2nd grade, Majestic Way Elementary -- 25cm wide, rainbow colored, sharp, slimy, spiky, lopsided, split, sticky, glittery, oval, dirty, and gross

19. BELLY BUTTON -  New Market, Ontario, Canada. Terry Fox Public School, 1st grade, Peggy Zealand. -- Bright Orange, Triangle, Hairy, Worms & Spiders Protruding, Scaley, Warts.

20. HORNS - Canton, IL,Westview Elementary, 4th grade,  Mrs. O'Brien, Ms. Chavez, Mrs. Pritchard, Ms. Pennington, Ms. Mojica, Mrs. Medina.-- Size: The monster shall have two horns, each will be 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Color: Turquoise with glittery gold lightning bats. Texture: Soft and fuzzy spirals with prickly hard spikes.

21. NECKLACE - Blackfoot, Idaho, Groveland Elementary,  - Mrs. Orton & Mrs. Parker's 4th grade.--Chain Old, rusty red, oval shaped chain covered, green moss, 7 spiders. From the top of the neck it goes 80cm down. 1st Charm: bloody spike with a dangerously sharp point! 30cm long, 7cm wide head. 2nd Charm: Eyeball that is 7cm x 7cm circle cat eye with red pupil, purple veins with white, wispy angel wings on the outside of the eye. 3rd Charm: a knife that has a silver curved blade with a brown, torn up handle. 16cm x 4cm.  4th Charm: happy rainbow colored, skull shape, orange and yellow firey eyeballs. 10.5cm long x 7cm wide.   5th Charm: a heart shape with blood gushing out of the veins, has a bloody arrow piercing it in the middle. 10cm x 10cm. overall.
6th Charm: deadly zig zagging Lightning Bolt. Sparkly, gold, and electrifying. It is 3cm x 18 cm . 
22. BELT -  Hannibal, Missouri - Eugene Field Elementary. Mrs. Mcguire and Miss Huseman 4th grade -- 5 inches wide, snakeskin, shark teeth buckle resembling a mouth, two headed snake coming out of the mouth, with silver chain and fire ring as attachments.
23. WINGS - Macomb, IL, St. Paul School, 6th grade, - Mrs. Cody, Ms. Martin - - shaped like bat wings that are blue and white. They are 2  ft by 4 ft and they are fiery, slimy, full of holes, scars and creepy crawly bugs. 24. HANDS -  Burneside, Cumbria, UK: St. Oswald's CE Primary School,  Mr. Humble's year 4, Ms. Smethurst's Reception,  Ms. Morris year 3.-- The monster has four hands: two hands are circles with rainbow coloured concentric hairy rings and two hands are triangles which are slimy green with dead flies and worms.
25. EARRINGS -Yangon, Myanmar, Yangon International School (YIS), Sara Stoolman, 3rd grade. -- Right earring: mysterious eyeball earring, 6 inches wide by 6 inches long, spooky spherical shape, spikey, white eyeball with blood shot lines,orange eye color

Left earring: dirty human skull earring, 8 inches wide by 10 inches long, sharp, spooky teeth in the skull, bumpy skull, smelly, white skull with black outline.
26. iPod - Elm Grove, Wisconsin, St Mary's Visitation Parish School Mrs. Daemmrich's 4th Grade -- 3” by 7” rectangle made up of tie-dyed slimey, boogery, scabby, puss-oozing colors with braided nose hair, purple warts,with curly hairs, oozing slime. The brain eating ear buds are pumpkin shaped and it’s playing scary monster music.
27. TONGUE - Republic of  Khakasia, Russia. Sayanagorsk Secondary School No. 2, Sayanagorsk,  Julia Karaban's 6th grade. --  unusual, round, thin, slobbery, flexible, winding, 20cm long, bright, blue, bifid, protruding, with some spikes. 28. CELL PHONE Sweden, Göteborg, School Lövgärdesskolan, grade 4A, 4B and 4C - Stellan Kinberg. - dark green rectangle, corners like the edge of a saw, buttons shaped like snakes, cracked screen. The back will have pictures of one eye bats, with blood and snakes. Cell phone perimeter is 1 meter.
29. iPAD -  Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Queen Elizabeth School. Grade 3/4 team Mrs. Sigurdson, Mrs. Pfob, Ms. Lakhanpal: -- Spiky, Hexagon with a perimeter of 60 cm., powered by lightening, Multi coloured and textured, waterproof, has 10 monster apps, has wings. 30. XBOX - Joliet, IL. Mrs. Gambino & Ms. Howe & art teacher Mrs. Latz - 4th grade -Cathedral of St. Raymond School -- Circular, black, brown, green, purple, gold-striped, upside down.

31. WRIST WATCH  - London, England, Langbourne Primary School, Lauren Owen's Year 2 class. -- A4 size diamond shaped face with a border of body parts (teeth, bones, eyeballs, ears). Red devil tail shaped hands with red numbers with blood trickling off each number.  Wrist Band 10 cm wide: Red, black and white fish scaled.

32. SUSPENDERS - Lake Asbury, Florida, Lake Asbury Elementary, Melinda Baden's PreK and K --made out of spider webs and have tiny spiders all over them;  sparkly, have a tint of purple color -the right suspender should have the monster's name running vertically down it in blood red letters.

33. NOSE RING  - Forest City, North Carolina, Forrest W. Hunt Elementary, Cheryl Davis, 4th grade -- 4 cm round. Lime green with red lightning bolts. Two large red spheres as the closure hanging out of the nostrils. 34. EYE GLASSES - Franconia, New Hampshire. Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade, Lafayette Regional School -- ski goggles with a green transparent lens, neon yellow frame, orange strap with your monster's name written in black
35. TOE NAILS  -  

Astoria, IL, Dena Shaw's 2nd grade -- curvy, cracked, 21 centimeters, thick, sharp, pointy, triangular, black and dark blue with stripes, slimy, gooey, 1st toe has a tarantula tatoo.
36. PASSPORT - Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon International School. Pun Hlaing Campus, Jessica Charvat's 3rd grade. -- Cover:
30cm X 20cm Rectangle, deep bluish-green, says “passport” in a horrible font, has a creepy symbol or logo

Inside: 6-8 moldy, tan pages (2 pages of information, the rest blank for terrible notes and bumpy visas) informational pages contain – a scary photograph and personal information, Writing is done in a beastly font.
37. Cup of TEA - Aban, Siberia, Russia. Mrs. Tarasevich's class. - The cup is in the form of apple, it is dark red decorated with bats and worms pictures. The handle of the cup is a snake. 38. FRIENDSHIP RING - Danville, Virginia, Woodberry Hills Elementary, Sheryl Keck’s 3rd grade - gold with blue stripes, a heart shape on the top and pink and silver diamonds shaped like a rhombus on the top as well as spikes.  On the right side of the ring (not on the heart) there will be two monsters hugging.   On the left side of the ring there will be two hands shaking
39. CANE  - Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School. Tina Fink's 5th grade. --Length 150 cm.; diameter 15 cm.; rickety; blood red; texture: crackly; black spikes ; handle: 15 cm wide by 25 cm. long; Orange and green striped; skull head dangling on end of handle; mossy 40. SKATEBOARD-  Monmouth, IL, Christy Moran, United Junior High -- 2 foot 6 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. It is bloody, yellow and black, haunted, rotting, old, creaky, hollow, and hairy. It has devilish wings. 
41. TOE RING  -Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School. Mary Phelps's 4th grade. -- our inches wide.   Shiny glittery gold.  Four ruby jewels in the band.  Between the ruby stones is a black scorpion, white skull outlined in red, and a set of cross bones.  The toe ring should have a 12 inch diameter or big enough to fit on to the middle toe of the monster. 42. FLASHLIGHT - Taipei, Taiwan, KCBS Qingshan Campus
Jeremy Dziedzic, Grade 1 FET Head Teacher -- Dirty, disgusting, sticky, furry like a spider, scary, crazy, burning, smells like a bathroom.

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Link to Past Monster Name Lists

Monster Names and Voting List

Frank says,
"What class will it be in 2013?

Quawawa 2013

Ellen Rush's 5th Grade
Galesburg, Illinois

Quawawa 2013 (Illinois)
Master Flykenstien2012 (New Hampshire)
Fiesta Foo Foo Dragon Dude 2011 (New Hampshire)
Tokoloshi-Afrika 2010 (South Africa)
Wee Nit Wit 2009 (New Hampshire)

Chucky 2008 (Connecticut) 
Bilbatauri Nussa Chauri 2007 (Pakistan)
Boo Hoo the Foo 2006 (Virginia)
Bling Monster-G 2005 (England)
Devil of Doom 2004 (New York)

Big Daddy 2003 (Missouri)
Mean Green Star Machine 2002 (Texas)
Cuckamunga 2001 (New York)
Double-Decker-Bushmonster 2000 (S. Africa)
Frankenspots 1999 (Texas)


Link to Past Monster Name Lists

2013 Monster Names  Votes
36. Quawawa - Galesburg, Illinois 113
39. Mr. Downer Doodle - New Hampshire 99
1. Frank - Lemont, Illinois  20
2. Fa Fa La La - Macomb,Illinois 15
3. Ha-Low-M-ster -Aban, Russia 20
4. Roarney - Rowsley, Derberyshire, England 3
5. Mr. Nightmare - Kansk, Russia 16
6. Creepy Creepilla - Yangon, Myanmar 7
7. Kookie Monst - Quincy, Illinois 8
8. Mr. Smartyhead- Burneside, Cumbria, England 17
9. General Fuzzbottom - Burneside, Cumbria, England 30
10. Galactcus - Burneside, Cumbria, England 31
11. Fat Albert- Springfield Township, Pennsylvania 43
12. Peep Pa Peep - San Jose, California 3
13. Monster Style - Angered, Sweden 7
14. Monster 424 - Angered, Sweden 5
15.Monster 4C - Angered, Sweden 3
16. The Green Monster - Marlborough, Massachusetts 2
17. Mr. Spooks-World - London, England 7
18. Dr. Pumpkinstein - Lake Charles, Louisiana 2
19. JJ Jack-o-Lantern -  New Market, Ontario, Canada 36
20. Betty - Blackfoot, Idaho 5
21. Tstralf22pcatscirrusacahocastools -  Haddonfield, New Jersey 20
22. Canton Bloody Giant - Canton, Illinois  6
23. Vasya - Sayanagorsk, Khaskia, Russia 31
24. Albert Peanut Tigger Claws - Valdese, North Carolina 5
25. Tigger Zig - Burneside, Cumbria, England 13
26. Oogly Boogly - Forest City, North Carolina 15
27. Scarents - Durham, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


28. Cardboard-Stein - Calgary, Alberta, Canada 6
29. Godzilla - Joliet, Illinois 43
30. Bob - Springfield Township, Pennsylvania 8
31. Mr. McFrightful - Springfield Township, Pennsylvania 14
32. Mr. Chubby - Astoria, Illinois


33. Dinosaur - Lake Asbury, Florida 17
34. Ninja Master Protector of Idnas Trash - Yangon, Myanmar 5
35. Monster Bob - Canton, Illinois 3
36.  .
37. Mr. Umpa Lumpa - Monmouth, Illinois 4
38. Hodgepodge, Jr- Saint Louis, Missouri


39.  .
40. Ciblmouidmes - Ripon, Wisconsin 10
41. Exebluter - Ripon, Wisconsin 11
42. Freakish-Vile - Ripon, Wisconsin 6
43. Hanoj- Ripon, Wisconsin 7
44. Valomba Galamba - Ripon, Wisconsin 4
45. Blazing Creeper - Elm Grove, Wisconsin 13
46. Rainbow Unicorn Mustache - Canton, Illinois 10
47. Mr. RainbowPolkaDotAbulous - Wheat Ridge, Colorado 4
48. Mr. Creeper - Calgary, Alberta, Canada 27
49. Billy Bob Joe Rainbow Spike - Flourtown, Pennsylvania 9
50. Mike - Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada 2
51. Mr. Your Worst Nightmare- Hannibal, Missouri  30
52. Tom the Vandaliser - London, England  3
53. Ugly Harry - Taipei, Taiwan  9









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