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TOP Monster of the Year - Bobby Wasabi!!!
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     The chart below will fill as classrooms choose their parts to design and describe.


Project Leader
Hello from your host at Monster Central, Dr. Terry Smith. I was an elementary teacher for 14 years, and now I am an assistant professor in the School of Teacher Education & Leadership at Radford University in Radford VA. I coordinate the project, answer questions, and manage the web site. 

What is this Project?  
Primary classes from the USA and around the world collaborate in this K-6 project. After choosing a Monster part from the list, each class composes a description and emails it in. When all descriptions have been completed on the chart below, each class builds its own MONSTER using everyone's descriptions. In order to have enough parts for everyone, we often have classrooms from the same school team up on a part, and we also have cross-grade teams, for example, K and 4.

Students discover that designing and building a monster together is a challenging task
. It is a major lesson in
working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. For example, the student responsible for the head has to plan with the students making the eyes, nose, neck, mouth, ears and hair. Students have deliberate practice in collaboration while constructing their class MONSTER. The result is satisfying proof that a community of global kids can accomplish anything!!  Elissa Gerzog ran the project using email in the 1990s. When she retired, I began running the project in 2000, and converted it into a web interface with additional media and social networking. 

How Do I Sign Up My Class? 
Your Class has joined and reserved a place in the project when the teacher (1) Selects a Monster part AND (2) Sends the class photo and school/class information. This needs to be done when you join the project in order to get you on the Participants Page and to secure your Monster part. Email to join -


"I am beautiful!"

Sample descriptions

HEAD: circular, black, red dots,  blue triangles, 
diameter 18 inches

You may use from 12-20 expressive, creepy, cool, adjectives. Be sure to give size, shape, and color!
Cm or Inches?

Greetings from Pakistan -------- And to Pakistan! Serious Monster Makers!



Kids at Work

Sizwe's Message from 
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

a Critical Thinking Monster game


See Example Descriptions from a Past Project]
2015 Project Parts -  Description Due by Sept 25.

1. Arms - Shannon Stringer, 4th grades, Churchill School and Center, New York City, NY.  -- 3 arms, each 5 feet long. One is extendable, with bumpy purple warts, massive veiny muscles, a Mickey mouse tattoo. One is a neon green fire breathing snake covered in gooey green slime. One is a spiky polka dotted batwing with a sword stuck through with a flaming skull tattoo.

2. Toes/toenails - Christy Baker’s 3rd grade, Valdese, NC - Three 2in. x 4in. brown, sausage shaped toes on each foot. Vegetation is growing on toes with worms and bugs crawling around.

3. Eyes Natalia Kazakova,  grades 6/7at Aban School 3 in Aban, Siberia, Russia. Two huge bulging eyes of different colours - left eye is dark blue, right one is grass – green. The enormous eyes are as bright as the sun. There is kindness in monster's eyes. They are full of compassion. The monster can shoot fireworks out of its eyes.

4. Ears - Ellen Malissa and a group of 3rd grade classes from Sharon Elementary in Robbinsville, New Jersey. - The EARS are 25” long by 12” wide.  They are tie-dye and bumpy.  They stick out with hard, jagged edges, fire comes out of them.  They are wrinkly and they move in some way.

5. Neck - Ellen Rush, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Bevenour's, 4th grades, Galesburg, IL - A coiled Green Anaconda that h as a 90 cm. circumference and is 40 cm in height and has 10 cm coils, with scattered shards and stitches with pink ooze.

6. Elbows  -  Mrs. Jacoby & Mrs. Riordan 4th grades, The Cathedral of St. Raymond School, Joliet, IL -- Wrinkly, bony, spiky, warty, scaly, hairy, rainbow, fat, glittery, stretchy, moley, dirty, fuzzy, slimy, square shaped .

7. Head - Cathy Dalimonte & Miss Jennifer Tkacz, multi-grade(K-5) Queens Creek Elem, Swansboro, NC. - 3 heads in one – a red triangle head, yellow oval head in the center, green square head.  Heads connected by gears & lightning bolts. Triangle head (equilateral 12 in). Oval head (16in horizontal diameter, and 20in vertical diameter) a bolt (like Frankenstein) on each cheek.  Square head (14 in) has gills to breathe under water. Each head has groups of languages so the monster can talk to another person in his/her language.

8. Tail - Christiansburg, VA  Primary 2nd grades. Student teachers: Ms. Beatty, Ms. Gibbs, Ms. Meaker, Ms. Thompson. Two feet long, 1 foot wide, orange with black zig zags, with gigantic warts.  

9. Nose - Ms. Mojica and Ms. Kut, Lyons, Illinois at Robinson School, 2nd grade - 3D, diamond shape, 7 inches long, 4 inches wide, 5 red spikes coming out anywhere, along with white gas coming out of nostrils. Colors are green and purple stripes.

10. Mouth - Lisa Newton,  4th grade gifted, Dacula, Georgia - 6.5 inches (14 cm) high, 12 inches (30 cm) wide, it is rotated 90 degrees from the typical human mouth. One lip has rainbows with bugs crawling on it , the other lip has blue and purple feathers. Inside the mouth there is a white, sparkling triangle and moldy dirt with green goo coming out.

11. Legs - Shannon Bomben  grades 4/5-- A21 Academy, Windsor Ontario Canada. 11 skinny and hairy legs. The 11 legs are helpful because it allows him to move faster. The hair helps keep him warm. The legs are fluff, not hard so he can use them to save people from hitting the ground. He is green to match most monsters and it is a helpful colour because it represents happiness. Legs are long, skinny and sticky so that he is tall and people can attach to his legs when they need saving.

12. Teeth - Mr. Stuart/Ms Hall (5th) and Mrs. Cabler/Ms Martin (4th) - Christiansburg Elementary. Two teeth -  7-inch long by 1-inch wide square tooth on each side that is half pink and half red with green sparkles all over it.

13. Body - Maureen Gibbons' 4th grade class in Marlborough, MA - Make a fluffy, orange, hairy, chubby or fit, rectangular body, covered with bright pink polka-dot pimples, measuring 1 meter and 4 decimeters by 1 meter and 5 centimeters.

14. Eyebrows -  Miss Chavez's, Mrs. Tracy's, and Mrs. Garcia's - Dual Language 3rd grade, Gard Elementary School - Beardstown, IL USA. Left eyebrow six inches, Right eyebrow 12 inches, both tiger-striped (orange and black) and wavy, spikey, gooey, hairy, curly with yellow polka dots and purple frogs and spiders.

15. Feet - Garret Ferguson, 4th,  Franconia, New Hampshire - Two strangely formed human feet per leg with a bulging heel, talons, and covered with hot pink stitches.  One foot has various shades of green, the other foot is blue and grey. Size of feet (????)

16. Hair - Mrs. Wisneski and Mr. Sackett 6th Grades,  Catalyst Charter Middle School - a STEM school. Ripon, Wisconsin - 2 feet long, slimy, frizzy, spikey, part-mohawk, with 3 - 1 foot pigtails

17. Left KNEE -  Mr Humble’s class 5 from St Oswald’s School in Burneside England. The left knee is a hairy, red, diamond shaped spider with neon legs and spikes.

18. Right KNEE - Ms. Jones'  first, second and third grade STEAM Enrichment students at Pioneer Elementary in Quincy, WA. - Fat, (5 inches tall and 12 inches wide) turquoise diamond shaped spider with neon legs with soft spikes.  The diamond should have rainbow sparkle polka-dotted armor that has scratches and bruises all over it.  Optional: attach a bag of gummy candy to the knee.

19. Belly Button -  Ms. Tsukamoto(3rd grade) and Ms. Jung(1st grade)-buddy class, Stevens Creek Elementary School, Cupertino, CA - 5 inches diameter, green, shoots out gas, bumpy, green, smells rotten, round, and hairy.

20. Horns - Mrs. Obrecht's K-5 multiage library, BF Yancey Elementary, Esmont, Virginia- : 3 horns: 1st- 12 inches tall triangle, purple with pink polka dots
Center- 18 inches tall triangle, silvery white with sparkles coming out of the top
3rd- 12 inches tall triangle, green with overlapping scales.

21. NecklaceMs Golubeva  grade 6 students, Lyceum 1. Kansk, Russia. Red ladybirds with black spots are on the green string of the necklace. In the middle of the necklace there is a pendant in the form of the spider's web with a black hairy spider in the centre. 22. Belt - Ms. Bautista, Ms. Auerback, Mr. D’Ambrosio, 4th grades Innovator Lab, South Hillsborough Elementary,  Hillsborough, California. - Golden diamond spiral buckle; Extendable chain; 8 in (20 cm) wide; Squirts out water; Leathery, scaly, bumpy, fluffy, fuzzy, rainbows.
23. Wings - Jennifer Williams, 5th, Monroe Grade School, Bartonville,IL
 5 feet long, 4 feet wide, Batman shaped. Rainbow colored/multicolored feathers, Blue and orange flames around the top of the wings. Spikes around the entire wing, Pink glitter spread throughout, 1 eye on each wing: left is pink, right is blue.
24. Hands/Fingers -  Ellen Smith’s - 4th grade gifted students from Glenbrook Elementary School in Streamwood, IL - Both hands hairy with an eye in the middle. Eye on left palm is orange and right eye is black; each have cat-eye pupils and see through eyelids. Left hand is 5” long with bony fingers.  Left hand is blue faded to green (fingertips to palm). Right hand is chubby, 10” long. Each hand has long yellow pointed nails, like talons, which are retractable. Right hand is purple faded to pink (fingertips to palm).
25. Earrings - Ms. Baden’s PreK/Kindergarten, Lake Asbury Elementary School, Green Cove Springs, Florida. - They are sparkly, purple cat heads. The cats have green diamond eyes and a blue triangular nose. One cat has a smile and the other has a rat in its mouth. 26. iWatch - Justin Lloyd's 5th/6th grades, Riverview Middle School, Plymouth, Wisconsin. - Bright pink with a black cheetah pattern, has a small crack in the screen, and is currently displaying the monster's favorite cartoon.
27. Tongue - Ellen Sinclair, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - The tongue will be long (20 cm) and thin (7 cm), sparkling gold, 20 red pointy spikes. 28. Smart Phone - Jennifer Verschoor's class, St.Georges College North, Buenos Aires, Argentina. A green rectangle with two orange antennas. A colourful handle to carry the smartphone and add an original keyboard to the green rectangle.
29. iPAD/Tablet - Tina Fink's 5th grades, Lake Charles Louisiana. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School. --  Orange pumpkin shaped, 60 cm. wide by 50 cm. high,  neon green screen t50 cm. x 40 cm., blue tooth stem,  bulging camera eye that lights up  (6cm x 6cm);  include 6 apps
“ BOO”-gle  app, anti-bullying app, mon-tunes app, mon-store app,  fitness app,  e-book app ( Size of apps 5cm x 5cm;
  add spider web and spiders to border.
30. Ruler - Michelle Huseman's 4th grade, Hannibal, Missouri. Lightning bolt shaped, meter stick length, numbers written in gold Roman numerals .

31. Skateboard  -  Sara  Doeffler's 6th grades - Yangon International School, Yangon, Myamar - 3D skateboard. 3 and 1/2 feet long by 3/4 foot wide.  Normal shaped black, skateboard (rectangular with ends folded up 3 inches) skull, jack-o-lantern & ghost design on top in neon color.   Lights around the edges,  and spikes coming out of the spokes on the wheels. Jet boosters attached to the back to spit out fire!  

32. Suspenders - Mrs. Hoff, grade 6, Innovations STEM Academy, Sparta, Wisconsin - height to be 39.7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Right suspender: Tie-dyed with 12 3-D polka dots covered in different colored sparkles or lights. Left suspender: Red with 7 bloody eyeballs and one flaming skull with a snake around it.

33. Nose Ring  - Ms. Halbert's 3rd grade, Haddonfield, New Jersey - 5” wide oval-shaped hoop, neon green with blue polka dots and rust; a spider, ghost, skull & crossbones hanging down. 34. Pet Bat - Jenny Wand’s class at Miriam School, Saint Louis, Missouri. (TOP monster of 2014) - Blue with Retracted, wings, spiky head, cute, mystical emerald green eyes, teeth as sharp as daggers, stylish, bloodthirsty body, sharp talons, the whole bat is 1 and 1/2 feet long and 10 inches wide. 
35. Microscope - Linlin Tan, grade 6, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan - The bottom of the black plate (used to load germs or objects to be observed) is connected to a digital lens with a 10-centimeter tube.  The digital lens can adjust automatically according to the substance it detects. 36. Cane - Meagan Pennington, 5th grade La Harpe, IL - Orange, 10 feet tall, spiral, gears and wire pattern, Words- “STEM ROCKS”, golden gear at end, with fancy bowties
37.  Toothbrush - Shannon Lee - Grade 5/6 Pierson Manitoba, Canada - 5 feet long and width varies from monster to monster. The handle is pink and the bristles are a collection of Rainbow colored arm pit, nose and back hair collected from captured humans. The monster likes to keep an extra tooth entwined within its bristles. 38. Favorite Book  - Ms. Kelly Davis, 2nd grade, Tatem Elementary, Collingswood, New Jersey.-Shape- Rectangle, Size 22 inches (height), 18 inches (length), Color of the book is yellow. Made out of paper and cardboard The book has a picture of the beach on the cover and the monster doing something he likes to do at the beach. Title of book: The day the Monster went to the Beach.
39. PassportCathy Dalimonte & Miss Jennifer Tkacz, multi-grade (K-5) Queens Creek Elem, Swansboro, NC. Place a tattoo of your Monster's country of origin on his lower arm. When scanned, it will lead the Passport officials to the Monster's digital passport ( For when your Monster is finished. 40. XBOX - Canada - Mrs. K. Godman, Mrs. L. Kerr and Ms. Lakhanpal-Grade 3/4 team from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Queen Elizabeth School- Xbox: bat shaped, 30 cm high and 60 cm wide, skull & hairy wart buttons, lime green, purple and fire red, bumpy and hairy texture, brown hair with boogers and bugs, fangy controllers, claws crunch, eyes popping out, sharp long teeth.  
41. Pinky RingAlisa Rudd, 2nd G/t Plano, TX - The band has red, white and blue stripes. The center of the ring has a yellow, bright, sparkly, glittery star with a picture of a hamburger inside it. The star is 2 in. wide and 2 in. tall. 42.Cup of Tea  - Aspen Bischoff, 2nd grade gifted students, Huffman Elementary School, Plano, Texas.  hexagon, red/green chevron patterned, black heart shaped handle, 6” wide and 10” tall, green bubbles oozing from the top.

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Bobby Wasabi

Sue Halbert's 3rd Grade
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Hogzilla Chuck Norris Duck Ape 2014 (Missouri)

Quawawa 2013 (Illinois)
Master Flykenstien2012 (New Hampshire)
Fiesta Foo Foo Dragon Dude 2011 (New Hampshire)
Tokoloshi-Afrika 2010 (South Africa)
Wee Nit Wit 2009 (New Hampshire)

Chucky 2008 (Connecticut) 
Bilbatauri Nussa Chauri 2007 (Pakistan)
Boo Hoo the Foo 2006 (Virginia)
Bling Monster-G 2005 (England)
Devil of Doom 2004 (New York)

Big Daddy 2003 (Missouri)
Mean Green Star Machine 2002 (Texas)
Cuckamunga 2001 (New York)
Double-Decker-Bushmonster 2000 (S. Africa)
Frankenspots 1999 (Texas)

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